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Import DHCP Scopes as SCCM Boundaries

A little tip that might save you some time. If you are installing a SCCM 2012 environment at a customer, you will probably need to create Boundaries. It’s common to miss some IP subnets or misspell something  These simple … Continue reading

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Windows 8.1 and OneNote Win+S not working!!!

After upgrading to Windows 8.1, you will experience that your favorite shortcut command in Microsoft OneNote (Take screen cliping) is not working anymore and has been replaces with Windows Search. Now you can use the combination of Windows+Shift+S to get … Continue reading

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MSI Packaging of Java Runtime 1.7

Hi, In this post I will contribute on how I make a good MSI package to deploy to my customers. When there is a new version released, I will navigate to in Internet Explorer. Then I push on “Free … Continue reading

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Startmenu in Windows 8 or not?

I have heard that lots off people are missing the startmenu in Windows 8. I don’t miss it because I normally use the “Run” to enter my command/application and I have pinned my mosy used apps in the taskbar. What … Continue reading

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SCCM, Collections and Applications

After you have deployed some apps to your computers, you would probably end up with having to upgrade some of your apps. Maybe you use scripts to do a lot of the work, but I like to distribute an application … Continue reading

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Google Chrome in App-V and the Desktop shortcut…

For us that has made an App-V package of Google Chrome browser have seen that Google Chrome are creating an shortcut on the Desktop on the launch of the browser. One way to remove this shortcut is to add a … Continue reading

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Cisco VPN in Windows 8

When I installed Windows 8 I had som problems with my Cisco x64 5.x VPN client. You will receive an error message when trying to connect to a site saying “failed to enable virtual adapter”. There is a thread on technet … Continue reading

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Windows 8 / IE10 and Sharepoint Open in Explorer

Have been running Windows 8 for a while now and last weekend I was using Sharepoint and wanted to use the feature “Open in Explorer”. This didn’t work as expected, seems to be the same problem as in Windows 7 … Continue reading

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XenApp 6 Rollup Pack 2 Released

Finally the Rollup Pack 2 was released for XenApp 6: Not so much of extra features, just a lot of fixes included

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Domain trust lost and no local account enabled?

At some customers I see a problem occasionally with Windows 7 loosing the domain membership and users can’t login. There is a lot of things you can try, but the easiest way is usually to remove the machine from the … Continue reading

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