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Windows 8.1 and OneNote Win+S not working!!!

After upgrading to Windows 8.1, you will experience that your favorite shortcut command in Microsoft OneNote (Take screen cliping) is not working anymore and has been replaces with Windows Search. Now you can use the combination of Windows+Shift+S to get … Continue reading

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Startmenu in Windows 8 or not?

I have heard that lots off people are missing the startmenu in Windows 8. I don’t miss it because I normally use the “Run” to enter my command/application and I have pinned my mosy used apps in the taskbar. What … Continue reading

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Cisco VPN in Windows 8

When I installed Windows 8 I had som problems with my Cisco x64 5.x VPN client. You will receive an error message when trying to connect to a site┬ásaying “failed to enable virtual adapter”. There is a thread on technet … Continue reading

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Windows 8 / IE10 and Sharepoint Open in Explorer

Have been running Windows 8 for a while now and last weekend I was using Sharepoint and wanted to use the feature “Open in Explorer”. This didn’t work as expected, seems to be the same problem as in Windows 7 … Continue reading

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A beginners guide to the registry part 1

A lot of people are doing stuff in the registry without knowing how it really works. I will try to explain how it all works, from the point where the user are creating a new user profile at logon, how … Continue reading

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How to run Adobe CS6 without admin rights?

Many companies are very disappointed on Adobe because of the latest release of Create Suite with version 6.0 if you read on the web. When trying to launch some applications in the Suite you will get strange messages and the … Continue reading

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Simple startup script to remove profiles

I see a lot of customers that has a lot of user profiles under C:\Users even when they have configured User Hive Cleanup and so on… My solution for this is a startup script in VBScript that I have in … Continue reading

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Getting disconnected from your RDP session?

Are you using remote desktop against a Windows 7 machine and gets randomly disconnected? Many organizations are enabling Remote Desktop through Group Policy. There is a little problem with this approach. Normally, Remote Desktop is turned off by default, you … Continue reading

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