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XenApp 6 Rollup Pack 2 Released

Finally the Rollup Pack 2 was released for XenApp 6: Not so much of extra features, just a lot of fixes included

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Hotfixes and useful links for XenApp 6.x and Windows Server 2008 R2

If you are responsible for a XenApp 6 or 6.5¬†farm, then you might know that there is a lot of hotfixes out for both Windows Server¬†2008 R2 and XenApp 6/6.5. Citrix has a page with recommended updates, but a lot … Continue reading

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Simple script to remove user printers

If you have a Citrix environment or a simple RDS/TS environment and are using Roaming profiles, you might notice that the profile might save a lot of old printers in the profile. Maybe they aren’t seen by the user if … Continue reading

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Simple startup script to remove profiles

I see a lot of customers that has a lot of user profiles under C:\Users even when they have configured User Hive Cleanup and so on… My solution for this is a startup script in VBScript that I have in … Continue reading

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Verify your XenApp 6.5 HDX environment

When you implement a new Citrix XenApp environment it’s easy to miss a policy setting or function. A nice addon to check your HDX settings for a user is to download HDX monitor 2.0. It’s in tech preview right now … Continue reading

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How to replicate print drivers in XenApp 6 or 6.5

As of XenApp 6, Citrix decided to remove the nice printer features that was built-in the console and replaced the replication with two alternatives. First you can replicate Printer drivers with Windows built-in feature “Print and Document Services Tool” that … Continue reading

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New Citrix Certifications available

Citrix has recently released some new certifications. A new CCA certification is available: CCA Citrix XenServer 6: Link Then we have a new CCAA certification available: CCAA Citrix XenApp 6: Link Citrix also updated the CCEE certification: Link The old … Continue reading

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