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Hotfixes and useful links for XenApp 6.x and Windows Server 2008 R2

If you are responsible for a XenApp 6 or 6.5¬†farm, then you might know that there is a lot of hotfixes out for both Windows Server¬†2008 R2 and XenApp 6/6.5. Citrix has a page with recommended updates, but a lot … Continue reading

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Free labs on System Center 2012

Microsoft has a lot of good and free labs online. You will get access to virtual servers/machines for 90 minutes per session so that is plenty of time to get acquaintance with new technology and you won’t have to build … Continue reading

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A beginners guide to the registry part 1

A lot of people are doing stuff in the registry without knowing how it really works. I will try to explain how it all works, from the point where the user are creating a new user profile at logon, how … Continue reading

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How to run Adobe CS6 without admin rights?

Many companies are very disappointed on Adobe because of the latest release of Create Suite with version 6.0 if you read on the web. When trying to launch some applications in the Suite you will get strange messages and the … Continue reading

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Oracle Java Runtime deployment

Many organisations are packaging Java Runtimes sometimes every year. I will go through how to get the MSI, how to customize it and other tips and tricks to deploy it successfully. First you get the 32-bit Offline installer on … Continue reading

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Simple script to remove user printers

If you have a Citrix environment or a simple RDS/TS environment and are using Roaming profiles, you might notice that the profile might save a lot of old printers in the profile. Maybe they aren’t seen by the user if … Continue reading

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BankID 4.19.1

I love that BankID is using MSI nowdays, but the latest version 4.19.1 had a flaw. When specifying a silent command with /qn and deploying the application, the installation will never complete. It seems like it presents a finish dialog … Continue reading

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You like free Application Virtualization?

Many organizations are trying to virtualize more and more. It will be more and more common to start implementing a VDI solution so the end users can enjoy the same desktop on both their company PC and their iPads and … Continue reading

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Simple startup script to remove profiles

I see a lot of customers that has a lot of user profiles under C:\Users even when they have configured User Hive Cleanup and so on… My solution for this is a startup script in VBScript that I have in … Continue reading

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Verify your XenApp 6.5 HDX environment

When you implement a new Citrix XenApp environment it’s easy to miss a policy setting or function. A nice addon to check your HDX settings for a user is to download HDX monitor 2.0. It’s in tech preview right now … Continue reading

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