Adobe Flash and Shockwave deployment

A lot of organizations are deploying Adobe Flash and Shockwave to their users. I will describe some things to think about.

First of all, you need a license from Adobe to be approved for deploying Flash and Shockwave. You get this free at their site.

Distributing Flash:

Distributing Shockwave:

Once you have signed up you will receive a mail with the download location. So here you will have a link to the MSI file. A screenshot:


With an application like ORCA MSI Editor you can figure out which version you have. With these MSI’s you can run a silent command to deploy it, like msiexec.exe /I msifile.msi /qn /noreboot /L*v “%temp%\myapp.log”

Some smart things to know about. It can be smart to shutdown some processes before deploying these applications. I would recommend closing Internet Explorer with this command: taskkill.exe /F /IM iexplore.exe

Shockwave doesn’t have an automatic update function built-in, but Flash do. Since the 11.0 release they also created an Control Panel plugin, where normal users can deny searching automatically for updates. But the old way of creating a mms.cfg file to deny is still working and will override the user settings.

So for a 32-bit Windows, create a mms.cfg file in C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash directory with the following content: AutoUpdateDisable=1

For 64-bit Windows, create the mms.cfg file in C:\Windows\SysWow64\Macromed\Flash directory instead.

This can  be done on several ways. I normally has this in a standalone MSI or in GPP’s.

Another thing about the 11.x release is the support for 64-bit browsers. So if you install the 64-bit MSI, you will get both the ActiveX for 32-bit and 64-bit Internet Explorer.


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