MSI Packaging of Java Runtime 1.7


In this post I will contribute on how I make a good MSI package to deploy to my customers.

When there is a new version released, I will navigate to in Internet Explorer. Then I push on “Free Java Download”. Push the link “See all Java Downloads”. You could also use this link:

Download “Windows x86 Offline” and save it in a temporary folder, like on the Desktop.

Execute the downloaded Exe-file and stop when the installation window pops up.

Open the folder “%appdata%\..\LocalLow\Sun\Java”

Copy the folder of the version of Java that you want to deploy, like in my case “jre1.7.0_45″

When the copy is done you can close the installation you had started.

In the folder you copied, you will have a Cab-file, a MSI-file and a MST-file. The rest of the files you can remove.

Rename the MST file 10XX.mst to Silent.mst

Open the MST file in InstallShield.

  • Under Additional Tools > Direct Editor
  • Open the table Property
  • Change JAVAUPDATE to 0
  • Change JU to 0


If you want to uninstall Java 1.6

  • Add to SecureCustomProperties:  ;OLDPRODUCTS
  • Open the table Upgrade
  • Add a new Row:
    • UpgradeCode: {57BDA5C6-443C-4D65-B233-2823932160FF}
    • VersionMin: 0
    • VersionMax:
    • Language:
    • Attribut: 512
    • Remove: ALL
    • ActionProperty: OLDPRODUCTS
  • Open the table InstallExecuteSequence
  • Add to RemoveExistingProducts:  Or OLDPRODUCTS


  • Open Behavior and Logic > Custom Actions and Sequences
  • Rightclick on “Custom Actions” and choose “New EXE > Path referencing a directory”
  • Use these values:
    • Name: CloseRunningApps
    • Working Directory: SystemFolder
    • Command Line: taskkill.exe /F /IM iexplore.exe /IM jqs.exe /IM firefox.exe /IM java.exe /IM javaw.exe /IM javaws.exe
    • Change “Return Processing” to “Synchronous (Ignores Exit Code)”
    • Change “Install Exec Sequence” to “After CostFinalize”.
  • Rightclick on “Custom Actions” and choose “New EXE > Path referencing a directory”
  • Use these values:
    • Name: DeleteShortcuts
    • Working Directory: SystemFolder
    • Command Line:

cmd.exe /C rmdir “%PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Java” /S /Q

  • Change “Return Processing” to “Synchronous (Ignores Exit Code)”
  • Change “Install Exec Sequence” to “After InstallFinalize”
  • Change “Install Exec Condition” to “NOT INSTALLED” so it only executes during installation.
  • Open System Configuration > Registry
    • Choose the component jz
    • Create HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JavaSoft\Java Update\Policy
      • Create REG_DWORD EnableAutoUpdateCheck with the value 0
      • Create REG_DWORD EnableJavaUpdate with value 0
    • Create HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JavaSoft\Auto Update
      • Create REG_SZ AUVersion with no value/data
  • Open Organization > Setup Design
    • Create a new Feature named CompanySettings
    • Make it requiered and not visible
  • Open Application Data > Files and Folders
    • Choose your feature in the list (CompanySettings)
    • Create a new folder under[ProgramFilesFolder]\Java\jre7 named lib
    • Add your file to that lib folder. Choose to add the file “In a new CAB file”
    • Make to a Key File by rightclick on it and choose Key File

Sample of


The should be in the lib folder or in a subfolder to the Windows directory. The user will then inherit these settings.

Save your MST file. The installation is now ready for testing. As a test I will create a silent.bat in the same folder with this content:

msiexec.exe /I “%~dp0jre1.7.0_45.msi” /qb REBOOT=ReallySuppress TRANSFORMS=”%~dp0Silent.mst”

Some of the key points in this package is that I close running process to avoid computer restarts and I create a registry key that usually is missing and causing the Java Control Panel app to not start and I add a file that will suppress the check for Expired releases and causing popups to be displayed for the end user.

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