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  1. Hi
    I am a company IT tech who recently discovered the beuties with deploying software remotely,
    This has made my everyday work so much easier,
    I am still a “noob” at this, and i would really like to learn more about how to script great installation scripts and application deployment scripts.
    I am familiar with *VBS scripting and command lines.

    Do you have some kind of source or tips on how to write better deployment scripts?
    As it is today its just simple one liners
    (\\server-01\software\software01\install.msi INSTALLDIR=”c:\programfiles\software01″)

    I Use PDQ Deploy for all my deployments. We have SCCM, but the IT managers has not yet get their thumbs out to approve its use, or they dont even understand what we got..
    (We still deploy our machines with “Ghost”… its that bad…)

    thanks for any help!

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